RE/MAX Prime

Full marketing management scope.


Marketing Management. Business Development. Real Estate.

  • Facilitated over $30 million in sales by directing digital strategy, lead generation, and frictionless sales processes.
  • Structured and managed digital ad budgets in excess of $100,000, integrating various marketing and sales tech stacks, including HubSpot, Salesforce Pardot, Adobe Creative Cloud, WordPress, Google Analytics, Search Console and AdSense, leading to improvements in local SEO rankings, SEM campaigns and Social Media conversion costs.
  • Managed over 30 agile marketing experiments by establishing auto-response features across web and social platforms, leading to more immediate feedback, improving lead quality and customer conversion rates.
  • Raised $15,000 by maintaining lead generation costs under cost-per-lead (CAC/CPL) goals, removing outdated marketing systems, and augmenting functional digital advertising frameworks.
  • Increased SQLs 10% by developing, launching, and evaluating digital automation campaigns that combined social, email, phone calls, and SMS with value-add content hooks.
  • Aided in managing over 80 affordable housing units, working well with City Officials to obtain government-subsidized housing leads and approvals for projects.
  • Analyzed complex market data, presenting key ideas and results with simplicity and clarity to clients, agents, IT, as well as executive leadership.
  • Built and maintained trustworthy relationships with customers, clients, and vendor partners, fostering collaboration between sales agents and strengthening lead generation and lead nurturing SOPs throughout the firm.
  • Teamed with media agencies to deliver industry-specific mailers, digital ads, and client appreciation affairs, further expanding user-generated content pieces.
  • Launched and refined one-on-one and group training initiatives easily conveying social media marketing and multifaceted concepts like data analytics, search engine marketing (SEM), and behavioral economics.
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RE/MAX Prime